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Application Instructions

 Below is your application for the Exponential Business Growth Coaching Program. 

The one foundational element that’s holding you and your business back from exponential growth, is your business strategy. It’s not your marketing. It’s not your operations. It’s your strategy. 

Our typical clients who create new strategies with us are tripling and quadrupling their annual revenues (for many that means finally breaking past the $1M barrier and into the 0.1% club of business owners). 

All accepted applicants will be working directly with me, Benson Garner, and my team on a 1-on-1 basis to create new business strategies that will grow their business exponentially. Due to the personal nature of this 1-on-1 coaching program, not every applicant is accepted. 

Here are some of the characteristics that my team and I are looking in potential candidates: 

This coaching program is currently in OPEN ENROLLMENT which means we are accepting applications. Our team is ready to speak with you once you complete your application.

IMPORTANT: Your application must be complete before we can have your business growth strategy call.

Please be specific and thorough about your current situation and desired goals as you fill out this application. Not everyone is a good fit and those who aren’t will not be invited to work with us. 

Let us know why you think we can help you achieve your goals in your business, and why you think now is the time for you to propel your business forward.

Talk Soon,

Benson Garner

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