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“Was this a good investment? Without a doubt! Like a good psychiatrist, Benson listened to my current situation. Then he guided the conversation with laser-focused questions to help me gain clarity. In our short time together, we were able to advance my thinking and knowledge, as if I’d spent a whole day totally devoted to this endeavor. “

Mark Andrews | MA Communications | USA
“After having founded and run many businesses, I felt I knew most of what was needed for success. Meeting Benson was an eye-opener. What I learned from Benson has changed the way I think about the internal mechanics of my business. His work instantly revealed the solution to issues I had been struggling to solve and will certainly give me a straight path to success every time I add a new product, business unit or marketing initiative in the future.”
Randy MacLean | WayPoint Analytics, Inc. | USA
“Benson helped me understand the best way to identify what my customers want and what is holding them back from making purchases. He encouraged me and showed me how to get to know my customers better so I can speak to them in a more convincing and relatable way. If you need help with business/revenue model. I highly recommend speaking with Benson.”
Jia Li | Jia Collection | USA

“With just a short chat Benson gave me some valuable insights into my business planning and potential revenue streams. His advice helped me work out what to focus on next.”

Christopher Hansen | Flag19 Pty Ltd | New Zealand

“After poor success with some inbound marketing, I came to Benson for help. After earning our first 100 leads, no one was responding to our offer. After asking some questions about our market research, he quickly identified what we needed to do to meet our customers needs, wants, fears, and aspirations. We have our work cut out for us!”
Rob Laughter | Koinonia | USA
“I’m so glad I could speak with Benson about my frustrations around customer acquisition. He helped me to dig deeper into my assumptions and to get to a very clear picture of my situation. He suggested various strategies and was so kind as to offer his feedback on my business. He’s not only a master in his craft but he is also just a great human being to speak with about your worries. I’d certainly recommend talking with Benson.”
Shahla Khan | The Da Vinci Project | UK
“Wow! Had a great conversation with actionable steps to help move my company in the right direction. Benson asks the right questions and has great advice to offer. He genuinely cares about you and your business and is willing to put in the time and effort to help you out!”

Judah Lamm | Skill Silo | USA

“In our first 20 minutes Benson was able to get to an X-ray vision of my business and offered three great strategic suggestions to bring it closer to my vision. I strongly believe only someone who constantly thinks about the wellbeing of customers and creating top-notch service for them is able to offer that kind of value. With the rest of our time he helped me clarify all of my doubts and set me on the path to success. His service and generosity were exceptional. Thank you, Benson!”

Prabu Rajasekaran | Paretoid Consulting | India